Tuesday, January 7, 2014

20 Time Update

So I have finished all my stories for 20 Time and I decided to sell them over the holiday break. I was in York City because that's where I figured was a great place to get peoples attention. I was near the public library as well and then I started to see if anyone wanted to buy some stories. The results were not bad but they weren't really good. At first I decided to sell each story for $1.00. For 2 hours on the first day I only got one family to buy only one story (about responsibility). After that I asked the family to review it or tell other people about it and they promised they would. After another hour that I was outside I decided to lower the price to 50 cents.
I waited for more people to come but not many showed up. Only about four people bought my stories. I was disappointed but I tried to help others. I guess that what really matters in the end. I went back the next day and the next but not many people showed up again. With the money that was made overall I got about $8.00.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

December Plan

The information that I found about what career I want to do (journalism) might help some other people. The reason why is because there are some important things in my paper that explains what needs to be done to be part of journalism. If others read it (people that would be interested) I think that they might find some useful information. It's a job that is quite really interesting and important for the world. It is basicly the source of the public's information.
I have wrote a few other stories for my 20 time project. I still didn't sell them as I am still editing most of my stories. I plan to sell most of the stories during Christmas break. By then I think that most of my stories will be completed. I hope my project turns out well. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Future Possibilities

I found a few colleges so far that I seem kind of interested. I need more time to find a college if I want the right one for me. I want a job with lots of writing because I’m in love with writing. What I like is how there are so many colleges out there for people like me.  What I wish was that I knew more about them because everywhere I look I can never seem to find much good information about it. I’m pretty sure I’ll find lots of information soon but I haven’t yet. I haven’t lost confidence yet and never will.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


The most valuable lesson that I learned through 20 Time is that not everything goes out as planned. Sometimes you are going to have to make some adjustments so that everything can work out fine. I learned that pretty quickly while working on this project. This happened to me while I was working on the part of the iMovie because I didn’t know how exactly to make an iMovie about my project so I had to use a lot of my time to be creative so that it could work. This gets me ready for the future with any project as I now know better to try to make everything in the project work out well.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pitch Day

On Friday November 1, I was a little nervous to present to adults because I don’t usually do those types of projects. Before the Pitch Day I was practicing a lot at home on how to present to my ideas out. I made a website to present from Zoho Sites. I think this was a really good idea as it was simple to present and show each tab about my website to an audience. When I was going to school in nice clothes for the presentation it started raining cat and dogs. It was pouring and when I got out of the bus I ran to the school but once I got inside the building it was already too late. I was soaked and so many people were staring at me. At first I thought it was funny but I soon realized that my presentation was during first period. This started to get me worried but thankfully by the time I got to class I got dried. When adults came I greeted them nicely and presented my project nicely. All of them seemed to like it and congratulated me on it. I felt so good and even better when a few adults offered good advice for my project. After it all it became a pretty good experience and I enjoyed it a lot. If I ever have to work on another project like this (which is highly possible) I won’t be as nervous as I got some experience with it now.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Work Progress

In my 20 time project I have started to write my first story which will be based off responsibility. I also worked on an iMovie for an invitation to my family. I started working on a website for a pitch day project as well which I will present to my family. This helped me as I try to work on a good pace for my project. I learned about myself that I get nervous working on a big project. I get overwhelmed due to this project as I feel like I might be doing something wrong. I have done everything that I needed to due so I can get my work done. What has been easy was the blog posts. What has been a challenge is the pitch day project as I get nervous on presenting out loud. The thing I learned about the real world is that contacting an authority is sometimes a little difficult because the authority won't always call back immediately. This got me thinking that I should contact my authority early so that my work schedule works out fine. My strategy is to work as much as I can so I don’t get behind in my project. This project has been a great help as it helps me know about myself as a dedicated worker.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Contacting the Authority

So I contacted Children's Home of York and I never got a answer back. The only way that I saw I could contact them was by email. I emailed them on Sunday and never got an answer. In my email I explained what my project was and how I would like to help people with my stories. I also asked the 5 questions that I put in my last blog post. I explained every part of my plan. I also said thank you for taking time in reading the email. If the organization had a phone number I would have contacted them through that way but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't answer considering it was a Sunday. I really wish they would answer soon because I would love to work with them.
If the Children's Home of York doesn't answer I will have to contact another organization that might be interested in helping. I'm going to have to research on the internet for a different organization or person to help me out with my project. I need to have an organization I can donate to. I learned from this part of the project that I should plan things out more so I know what exactly I need to do. I should start contacting more people or even friends to see if they have any idea which organization I can contact.